About us

Company overview

Tokyo based interior and product design company comprised of a small international team. Coming from varied design backgrounds such as architecture, furniture design and engineering. Our shared appreciation for nature, functionality, minimalism and cutting edge technology give our designs a unique and innovated identity. We strive to design and innovate products that go beyond the norm of interior decoration. Through this, we strive to design products that sets the path for environment of the future. 

We have now expanded our network and now partnered with amazing designers and select only the most innovative and quality products that share our design philosophy to showcase on our store.


Our mission

  • Mission: Our mission is change the perception of lighting decor in our homes. Which not only serve a single function, but rather complements and enhances the atmosphere of each of your home. We strive to offer a new user experience, and make them accessible to every household in the world. 
  • Vision: To grow into a company that inspires you with the integration of design and technology. 
  • Values: We value innovation and constant development with cutting edge technology and design. We believe that our work will strive to make the world a better place with the use of aesthetic and most effective products.