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Eiffel tower
Eiffel tower
Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower

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100% handmade oil abstract painting of the Eiffel tower. An abstract approach to the beautiful city of Paris. The painting itself is simple yet the intriguing mix of colors offers a unique and strong impact to the viewer.

Style: Abstract

Material: Oil paint & linen canvas 

This handmade painting will have a unique texture just to this painting. Our recreation will look similar but will have different texture, each knife stroke is unique and impossible to repeat. 
Each individual painting is one of a kind.

The painting is supported by a softwood and hooks are attached behind the painting. A special wall nail will be included to help hang the art piece.

We welcome custom sizing, please email us with details.


Frame: Wood frame; ready to hang
Size : 20 x 40; 27 x 55 inches
Type: Abstract oil painting
Application: Room Decor

Eiffel tower
Eiffel tower